Goodbye, Media Monitoring

Hello, Media Intelligence

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  • Solutions for Marketers

    We believe it is time to engage every marketer with better data, deeper analysis and a richer experience overall. That’s why we re-imagined media intelligence with a powerful, cloud-based analytics platform designed from the cloud up for public relations, advertising, marketing and digital media professionals.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Public Relations

    See the whole story of how your message and that of your competitors is being conveyed by influencers in all types of earned media.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Advertising

    Understand paid media and where your brand or competitor is advertising on television, what they are saying, who the audience is, and how much they are spending.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Marketing

    Know the full impact that earned and paid broadcast media campaigns have on social, website, stock and audiences data

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Digital Media

    Tell a better story by aggregating and curating original and exclusive content from employees, constituents and customers that helps better engage all of your audiences.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • cliQ

    cliQ is the result of media monitoring re-imagined – a powerful research platform built from the cloud up that is easy to use and designed for all levels of employee access.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • The Whole Story

    Combining lightning fast speed with unprecedented access to data gives you the ability to research and identify trends never available before, telling you the whole story of your media footprint.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Eternal

    To understand the impact an event might have on your brand, we provide access to historical content across all mediums, which helps set valuable baselines for your data.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Smarter

    Dynamic and scalable charts and graphs illustrate where your data is coming from, with the ability to drill down on any data point for deeper dive insights.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • Engaging

    Sharing and providing access to curated content from all mediums helps you create awareness with stakeholders, employees and constituents.

    Solutions for Marketers
  • analytiQ

    analytiQ is a comprehensive dashboard that leverages the power of iQ media’s infrastructure, software and 3rd party data to deliver greater knowledge about the value of a marketer’s campaign.

  • Unseen Insights

    When combined with overlays of financials, sales, website, demographics and other data sets, the analytiQ dashboards provide a clear understanding of the significance of the data and provide actionable intelligence for senior management.

  • Custom

    iQ media's quantitative marketing experts consult with in-house communications and marketing teams as well as public relations and advertising agencies to create individualized data blueprints of impact measurement, coverage trend analysis and competitive intelligence.

  • fliQ

    fliQ is a brand new way that empowers customers, employees and constituents across any organization to capture exclusive video from their mobile device through a branded mobile app and upload the video directly to the iQ media platform to leverage for content marketing.

  • Empower

    Employees and consumers can create organic and exclusive content in a way that optimizes the brand with the power of mobile anywhere, anytime.

  • Mobile

    Branded mobile apps can be custom built or integrated into existing mobile apps through API for seamless brand identity.

  • Control

    Content created by the users is uploaded directly to the platform, reducing risk of public exposure.

  • Engage

    Publish content directly from the platform to social and online channels utilizing iQ media infrastructure and analysis.